about bathing complex

Bathing Complex

Russian bath, sauna, hammam, pool, Private Spa Room

Soap Massage
60 min. — 13 000₽
90 min. —  16 000₽
A relaxing program that is the best technique for skin cleansing and ultimate pampering. It starts with deep peeling and is completed with a full-body foam massage. This treatment is performed on a warm marble table in the Private Spa Room.
Traditional Russian bath
90 – 120 min. — 27 000 ₽
We have combined national Russian traditions with the achievements of modern spa cosmetology and beauty technologies. Traditional Russian Bath treatment begins with a steam room and a massage with oak or birch branches. The soothing in the sauna and dipping into the plunge pool allows you to relieve stress and discomfort. This treatment is followed by a peeling on a warm marble table and a honey mask which helps to remove toxines. The procedure ends by indulging your skin with a relaxing soap massage.
Moroccan Hammam
120 мин. — 22 000 ₽

A remarkable experience, profoundly calming and stress-relieving restores lost energy after a flight or a long working day.

The treatment will let you experience a combination of Arabic and Asian Spa therapy elements in the luxurious environment of the Roman bath. This procedure starts with a moistening application of black soap with eucalyptus components, followed by a full body scrub with carite salt and an exotic mix of essential oils. Mineralization, moisture and careful skin nourishment are achieved by the Rassoul mud application. The program concludes with a relaxing massage with Shea butter oils.

Private Spa Room

from 120 min. — 7 500 ₽ / hour

This exclusive VIP room features a separate sauna with a plunge pool, a warm marble table for peeling and soap massage treatments and a lounge seating area with a TV and mini-bar. Our Private Spa Room can accommodate up to four guests.