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Complex Treatments

spa-day in Moscow


3 h. — 23 000 ₽

A set of treatments is aimed at complete body relaxation. Peeling with Dead Sea salt and tonic oil helps relieve chronic fatigue syndromes and improves skin due to oligo-elements. Massage with aromatic oils heals, and has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state. Sea Peloid Gueranda’s unique wrapping mask supplies the skin with elements and minerals, has a healing effect, and is also an excellent remedy for relieving muscle tension. The treatment finishes with a relaxing head massage.


3 h. — 23 000

Effective complex skin care is aimed at cleansing and renewing skin cells, as well as complete relaxation and relieving muscle tension. The treatment is carried out in our Private Spa room with separate sauna, a warm marble table and a mini-bar.

Deep soap cleansing massage followed by peeling based on green clay gommage paste improves blood circulation, gently exfoliates dead skin cells, heals, and stimulates cell renewal. The main component of the care is a body wrap using Seaweed gel, which intensively nourishes the skin, making it supple and toned.

Detox Cocktail

3 h. — 23 000

This treatment will help you get rid of harmful toxins in your body. This unique spa program includes lymphatic drainage massage, slimming thermal peeling and algae wrap.

Lymphatic drainage massage using special anti-cellulite oil helps to breakdown the fats. Thermal peeling with sea salt granules reduces swelling, softens rough skin. Wrap with fucus extract finishes the treatment, it contributes to the general cleansing of the body and the renewal of skin cells.

Romantic tour to Morocco for two
2.5 h. – 4 h.* — 44 000 This treatment will become your portal to the magical world of the Orient. The Romantic Tour begins in our cozy Private Spa room. We invite you to our Roman Bath where for several minutes you may warm up, unwind and relax. Black eucalyptus soap is applied to the entire body for a healing and moisturizing effect, while sea salt peeling with sandal, orange flowers, and jasmine renews the skin and eliminates excess fluids. Mineralization, moisturization, and careful skin nourishment are provided by a Rassoul mud application. A relaxing shea butter massage completes the enigmatic ritual, leaving your skin with a subtle spicy aroma of Arabian plants.
*with two specialists working simultaneous, the duration of the treatment is 2.5 hours. The Private Spa room is available for the guests during 4 hours.