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Body & Facial Treatments

Sets of treatments balanced to relieve stress, relax and recover

Antistress treatment

60 min. — 12 000 | 90 min. — 15 000

Slow and smooth treatment with hazelnut and sesame oils lead to deep relaxation and stress relief. Essential oils of lavender and mandarin remove muscle tension, give a feeling of comfort and well-being.


90 min. — 15 000

The treatment includes mineral peeling and wrapping with toning protective serum to restore the balance of minerals.


90 min. — 15 000

A unique treatment is aimed at combating the effects of stress, adverse ecology and climate change. The main component of the program is  sea peloid Gueranda – mineralized mud from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocea that supplies the body with a variety of elements.

Light Legs Wrapping

60 min. — 10 000

This treatment perfectly relaxes tense leg muscles, eliminates swelling. Cooling cryo-gel is a prophylactic against varicose veins. The treatment is especially effective after a long flight.

Body Care Instant Recovery

60 min. — 12 000 | 90 min. — 14 500

Relieves stress, restores physical and emotional balance. A unique solution to relieve back, neck and shoulders pain, relieve fatigue. A self-heating mask enriched with oligoelements is applied to the back to relieve stiffness, tension and muscle spasm.

Purifying peeling

30 min. — 7 000

Peeling massage with Dead Sea salt and toning oil is perfect after a flight, before sleep or just when you are tired. Oligo-elements from Dead Seas salt smoothers your skin, activates metabolism and contributes to the renewal of skin cells, gives a feeling of lightness and well-being.


60 min. — 10 000

The ultimate anti-oxidant defense, this treatment instantly hydrates and balances, boosting oxygenation to the skin cells. Exclusive Oligo products, an advanced formula combining dynamic ingredients such as chlorella, ensures a clear skin, thoroughly protected from aggressive urban environment.


90 min. — 12 000

Natural sea minerals and essential oils are combined with hot compress and cleaning resulting in a skin that is totally purified. The peel-off mask reveals a smooth texture and radiant skin.

Mediterranean Secrets Lifting Facial

60 min. — 15 000

This treatment provides a powerful rejuvenating effect. The combination of lifting and lymphatic drainage massages, as well as an alginate mask based on spirulina, olive leaf extract and rosemary essential oil helps to relieve muscle tension, model the oval of the face, reduce swelling, and even out skin tone.

A warm foot mask deeply moisturizes and softens the skin and relieves fatigue.


Gold Splendour Signature Facial

90 min. — 18 000

The treatment gives an active anti-age effect. The combination of two massage techniques – lifting and lymphatic drainage massages, as well as a moisturizing mask with gold gives the skin a truly beautiful radiant shade, models the contour of the face.

A warm foot mask with a soft nourishing gold balm and hand and foot massage help you relax and feel blissful.