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Swedish Massage

60 min. — 12 000 | 90 min — 15 000

A traditional massage technique that uses a combination of five movements – long sweeping strokes, tapping, kneading, friction and vibration – along with aromatic essential oils that detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, release tension and improve circulation, leaving you with an incomparable sense of relaxation.

Russian massage

60 min. — 13 000 | 90 min. — 16 000

Perfect for those who play sports or lead a physically active life. Firm massaging will stretch and relax tense muscles and help relieve particular areas of discomfort due to stress, injury or overuse, leaving you feeling supple, stress-free and re-energized.


60 min. — 12 000 | 90 min. — 15 000

The massage effect is aimed at awakening your body and relieving muscle tension. The technique, borrowed from traditional Ayurveda, helps to gently stretch the entire body and rejuvenate. The aroma of ginger stimulates and awakens the senses, while the vitamin E-rich body butter perfectly nourishes the skin.


60 min. — 12 000 | 90 min. — 15 000

A special massage technique is aimed at nourishing your skin and achieving maximum muscle relaxation. Exclusive oil, which includes Omega 3 and Omega 6, cranberry seed oil, vitamins A and E, has a noticeable regenerating effect, relieves irritation, and restores the protective functions of the body.


60 min. — 12 000 | 90 min. — 15 000

The massage removes toxins and model the silhouette. The perfect combination of lemongrass and mint essential oils has a general strengthening effect and awakens the energy of the body. Special lymphatic drainage massage enhances the detox effect, stimulates blood circulation, relieves swelling.

four hands massage

60 min. — 18 500

This is a unique body massage technique. Two massage therapists, working with four hands, complement each other and skillfully manage the flow of body energy.

Back, neck & shoulder massage

60 min. — 9 000

After a hard day at the office, a back massage is a quick way to relax and rejuvenate. Regular massage prevents of curvature of the spine and relieves stress on the muscles.

Back, neck & shoulder massage

30 min. — 7 000

A relaxing express massage will help relieve stress and muscle tension after a long flight. This massage will be a great addition to any other type of treatment.

Relaxing back massage

30 min. — 8 000

The treatment begins with a back massage with relaxing nourishing oil. The program allows you to relieve physical and emotional stress, remove clamps in the back and neck.


30 min. — 6 500

This unique program uses the ancient oriental massage technique, softly improves blood circulation and adds pure relaxation to tense muscles. It balances the flow of energy throughout the body.